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about us

Founded by South Bay stylists, Bri and Heather,  with the mission to provide a high-quality service with a playful atmosphere and a commitment to providing the best performing low toxic products available.


Why? Because we believe that we have a responsibility to our clients, to ourselves and to our planet to make an effort towards healthier and more sustainable choices where we can.

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with us!


Get Together is a space devoted to providing a safe, low tox environment for stylists. We pay attention to all the little details of not only our clients experience, but the everyday experience for our stylists as well.


We believe that a salon can provide high quality services and experiences for clients without sacrificing our own playfulness and individuality.

We prefer a minimum of 2 years experience behind the chair and an eagerness to work towards growth as an individual and as part of a team.

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Healthy you

By being more considerate of the ingredients in the products we use at Get Together, we can feel good that when you're in our salon, you are less likely to be in contact with and/or breathing in harmful chemicals. 

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healthy us

Stylists are breathing in and touching chemicals all day long, which can lead to severe health issues later in life, so we decided to only use low toxic products whenever possible at Get Together.

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healthy HAIR

We did thorough testing on a variety of low tox products before nailing down the options you'll find at Get Together. We wanted to make sure you had the best of both worlds: high performing, low tox products and color.

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healthy planet

Aside from our products having more gentle ingredients, most of them have the option for refills instead of buying a whole new bottle each time any of us or you need to restock, which means less plastic out in the world!

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Want to know more?

Click below for a few resources we've compiled for you.

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