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Please note that each stylist may offer different services and different pricing.


For more specific information on your stylists specific pricing, booking and policies, please refer to their individual information page.


Short or Mid-length Haircut

2" or shorter on the sides

Starting at $50+

Long Haircut

this includes bob length and longer

Starting at $90+

Bang Trim / Neck Cleanup


Blowout / Style

simple, casual styling, no up-do

Starting at $65+


Base Retouch

color for just the "roots"

Starting at $110+

Going Lighter

balayage, foilayage, highlights, etc.

Starting at $225+

Platinum Retouch

Retouch for grow out that is 5 weeks or less

*$45 extra charge for silver/pastel toners

Starting at $225+


demi-permanent color/clear that adds softness, shine and UV protection. +$40 to include blowout.

Starting at $55+

Vivid Color

Requires pre-lightening, price is starting price for vivid refresh for one color on pre-lightened hair only

Starting at $175+

Color Transformation

any major change being done on previously colored hair i.e. lifting out previous color, going dark from blonde, blonde to dark, etc. consultation required. 3 hour minimum.

Starting at $110/hr


Puraluxe Smoothing Treatment

reduces frizz for 4-6 months, not a straightening treatment however it will soften any waves or texture

Starting at $325+

Top Drop Treatment

Available in Hydrate, Repair, Platinum blonde and Scalp. For improved condition, longer-lasting color, better manageability, stronger & more hydrated locks.

 +$60 to include blowout.



Initial Install

First time extension installation on hair that currently has no extensions. Cost of hair and haircut included in initial install pricing. Consultation required.

Install: $425+

Cost Of Hair: $500-$1600+

Move Up

Every 6-8 weeks on extensions installed previously installed by your stylist.

$125 - $325

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